Kaley Cuoco reveals which A-list celebrity she wishes guest starred on 'The Big Bang Theory' (Exclusive)

Kaley Cuoco can't help but to fan girl over Jennifer Aniston!

While "The Big Bang Theory" ended its 12-season run back in May, the CBS sitcom had some of television's most memorable moments in recent years. From Charlie Sheen and Octavia Spencer's brief cameos, BBT had its fair share of A-list appearances. Who could forget when the late Stan Lee visited the comic-book store in season three?!

AOL caught up with Cuoco, while she was in New York City for the Marshalls Surprise Box event, where she revealed which celebrity she would have loved to see guest star on "The Big Bang Theory."

"Probably Jennifer Aniston. I love her so much, she's also my style icon. I'm obsessed with her, because she's always so effortless and cool. I don't want to say that it looks like she doesn't try, because she obviously tries, but she just looks like the coolest chick around," Cuoco told AOL Entertainment.

This isn't the first time Cuoco has fan-girl'd over Aniston. In February 2016, the Cuoco appeared on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," where she recalled meeting with the "Friends" star at NBC's All-Star Tribute to Jim Burrows.

"I’m kind of like a secret crazy-obsessed Jennifer Aniston fan," Cuoco admitted at the time.

"So, she was there and her table was very close to my table...my sister and I kept looking at her, so I told my sister, ‘You know what, this has to be my moment, I have to go and introduce myself,'" she explained to Meyers.

“She turns around and goes 'Kaley.' And it was like the skies opened up, and she smells like a garden," she laughed. "It was everything that I dreamed it would be.”

Kaley also dished to AOL about her favorite "Big Bang Theory" episode of all time. In total, the cast filmed 279 episodes during its CBS run, making it the longest-running multi-camera series in television history.

"There's so many good ones. They've started to all run together but if I got way way back, I believe it was season one or season two -- where Sheldon and Penny give each other Christmas gifts and Sheldon is so overwhelmed with love that the gift he received he hugs Penny. That was a special moment," the 33-year-old actress told AOL.

"And then honestly, the finale. It was so well done and it's really hard to tie up 12 years of a show. It's impossible and it's a family. It's hard to make everyone happy. So I think the writers did a really brilliant job and it felt good walking away knowing that that was the end."