Hollywood Secrets: The Warner Brothers back lot is home to one of the biggest 'Friends' secrets ever

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From "La La Land" to "Friends," the back lot of the Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, California, has been home to hundreds of Hollywood shows and movies. On any given day you can see groups of tourists getting a tour of the back lot, but there are some areas closed off to the public -- until now.

John, our trusty guide, gives us an exclusive tour of the Warner Brothers lot that's hidden from the public. Of course, he revealed some mind-blowing secrets about your favorite shows and movies.

The biggest one of all? The truth behind the television show "Friends."

Rachel, Monica and the rest of the gang spent their 20s and early 30s navigating through life in New York City -- but they weren't actually in the Big Apple. The iconic television series was actually filmed 3,000 miles away at the Warner Brothers back lot, crushing any dreams you have of hanging out at their favorite spot Central Perk.

And while we're still recovering from that bombshell, John made sure to drop a couple more, including one about the Batmobile. The super snazzy car driven by Batman in all the movies actually has an incredible feature that you won't believe. Can you keep a secret?

Come along as we take you through the secrets behind the Warner Brothers back lot in the video above!