The best celebrity FaceApp challenges: From Carrie Underwood to Kevin Hart

The bottle cap challenge is a thing of the past. Say hello to social media's latest viral obsession: FaceApp's old age challenge. 

If you've ever wondered what your favorite celebrities will look like in decades from now, we've got the pictures. Everyone from Carrie Underwood to Heidi Klum, Courteney Cox and Sean Lowe are participating in the old age challenge. (Worth noting: The popular mobile app has sparked security concerns over privacy and raised alarms because of its Russian origins.)

If you've been hiding under a rock (or just staying having a summer social media cleanse), The FaceApp challenge morphs what you might look like 20 or more years older via uploading a photo of yourself to the app.  Some of our favorite include the Jonas Brothers who captioned the witty photo "When you take a trip to the Year 3000," referencing their hit song Year 3000. 

Lance Bass took to his Instagram to share a photo of N*Sync joking, "When we finally reunite." Scroll through all of the best A-list FaceApp challenges in the gallery below! We promise you'll get a laugh out of it.

Celebs do the FaceApp 'old age' challenge
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Celebs do the FaceApp 'old age' challenge
Everybody’s doing it...🤷‍♀️ @mfisher1212
I mean...probs🤷‍♀️
When you take a trip to the Year 3000.
Still gonna turn up when I’m older... And be working! (Swipe) #SeñorLopez #WigStillTight
I probably won’t wear my hair like this.... 👵🏼
Equal parts hilarious and terrifying
For everyone asking for the sequel... cred: @ohyeahpod #entourage
Grandpa or Grandma? 💅🏼 I’ll take both #batch
The difference between you and me is, I make this look good! Hahaha #oldmanstatus
Heidi Klum
Best caption wins ovo tickets
Felt cute might die later
Strong ass old man face and upper body 😂😂😂😂
When we finally reunite. 🤣 #DirtyPops
When we finally reunite. 🤣
Clint and I out for the early bird special at Golden Corral. Come through for the bomb split pea soup. #seniordiscount
Fast & Furious 50 😂😂😂 and we still haven’t stopped at a gas station. Or for Diapers. 💪🏽
Auditioning for sexy Santa 2065 . #seanconnery #old
Found this really cool program similar to #FaceApp...called #life. Not available in the App Store. 📸L: Albert Sendrey - Courtesy of Jenny Sendrey
caption this
Jwoww & Coco
#nomakeup Tag your besties that you’ll grow old with ♥️ 📸 @purewow #queereye
Old Turtle & Proctor... #faceapp #powertv #entourage #proctor #turtle
Enjoy your youth kids, it’s the most precious thing you got...
The futures looking like there’s a new colonel in town. #notanad #401k
@entertainmenttonight circa 2035 ...
Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me 😁
I’ve seen my future... and my wife is still smokin’ hot.


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