Tommy Lee praises wife Brittany Furlan's '100% natural body' on Instagram

Mötley Crüe dummer Tommy Lee has never been shy about sharing the details of his love life with the world. As a newly married man, the 56-year-old rocker seemingly hasn’t changed based on his latest Instagram featuring wife Brittany Furlan and her “100% natural body.”

“She gonna kill me for posting this,” Lee captioned the photo of a bikini-clad Furlan, taken on a beachside vacation in Mexico.

Furlan first came to prominence on the microblogging platform Vine while also trying to break into showbiz. In 2015 Furlan was declared one of the 30 “most influential people” on the internet by Time. She has 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan together
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Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan together
3 more days ❤️
He’s actually not high, this is just his face
Cheesin’ 🧀
Happy holidays ya weirdos. Love, us weirdos
Thankful he brushed his teeth today ❤️😂
I don’t know what we’re doing but OPA!!! 🇬🇷
Honestly didn’t believe in true love until I met this guy exactly one year ago today. Thank you for warming my cold heart. I love you so much Poo-Poo Head
Just two dorks in paradise
I love dessert @brittanyfurlan
Partner in crime ❤️
Ok I hate when people write long captions on Instagram but it's my 31st birthday and this needs to be said- It's been an interesting past year...I was at the lowest point probably in my entire life. I was going through Hell that many people didn't even know about except for close friends and family. I was broken down and abused and hurt in ways no human should ever experience. But now, for the first time in a VERY VERY long time, I am truly happy. I am having fun and my heart is full of pure joy daily. It's surreal to me. I never saw this life for myself, I assumed I would be a sad girl forever. But now, now I am here and I am grateful for every single day. I want to thank my partner @mrtommyland for showing me the light in the dark, for being my best friend and such an encouraging and incredible spirit. I love you so much bb. You are more than I could've ever asked for. And as for those who choose to judge my life; maybe my posts aren't what they used to be, maybe you want to critique me on my decisions, and that's fine. But you know what? I am happy. And at the end of the day that's all that matters to me ❤️
Brunchin' ☺️
Bye bye CABO!!!! Love you and my baby!
Happy New Year to all! 2018
Happy birthday to my best friend. My favorite person on this silly planet. I love you with all my heart @mrtommyland ❤️ @grandvelascabos @zaringgroup
Be with someone who looks at you like you're tacos ❤️🌮
Bb just crusssssshed

Lee is no stranger to high-profile public relationships, having been previously married to Melrose Place mainstay Heather Locklear for seven years, followed by his notorious marriage to Baywatch star Pamela Anderson in the 1990s. The couple infamously filmed a sex tape together that Lee later claimed was stolen from his home before it was released publicly. (He was fond of turning a videocamera on the audience during concerts and saying, “I’ve made some films of my own you guys might have seen.”) He also spent six months in jail in 1998 after pleading no contest to spousal battery.

The couple tried several times to reconcile but ultimately divorced.

On March 5 of this year, Lee’s son with Anderson, Brandon, knocked his father unconscious following an argument about comments Lee had made in an interview with Piers Morgan regarding his relationship with Brandon’s mother. The Los Angeles County District Attorney ultimately decided not to press charges against Brandon.

Furlan is Lee’s fourth wife. The couple married this past Valentine’s Day following a nearly two-year-long courtship. Lee and Furlan often flaunt their affection for each other on the internet —in one post they even mimicked the famous photo of a nude John Lennon embracing wife Yoko Ono, which once graced the cover of Rolling Stone.

Social media star Brittany Furlan
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Social media star Brittany Furlan
What girls think they look like at the beach VS. What they really look like... Tag that beach thottie
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So Saturday's going great, found this mushroom that looks like a titty 📸-@mrtommyland
Here’s a pic of me trying REALLY hard
I haven't had any cell service for 3 days and it's been the best 3 days of my life
My hair is currently living its best life here in Jamaica 🇯🇲
You’ve been warned Shirt- made by me Jacket- @nakedwardrobe Sunnies- @thierrylasry Cramps- @satan
Sucking in hard af 📸- @mrtommyland #HurryUpBitchICantBreathe
"I'm a bad bitch but I love me the color pink. I'll wear some baby ass pink and still whoop ur ass" - girl putting on lipstick in club bathroom 2017
My buttcrack has never seen such beautiful sights 📸- @mrtommyland
Not Mine
Hoop dreamzzz 🙇🏻‍♀️
😊 🏝📸- @mrtommyland
America fuck yeah 🇺🇸✊🏻 📸- @mrtommyland
Sun's out, buns out 😎
Ummmmm this swimsuit is from Target guys. K see ya

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