What Eric Decker has found 'surprising' about fatherhood after football (Exclusive)

Eric Decker wants to lead by example for his three kids.

The former NFL star, who shares daughter, Vivianne Rose, 5, son, Eric Decker II, 3, and son, Forrest, 1, with wife Jessie James Decker, recently opened up about how he approaches fatherhood for a video made in collaboration with men's activewear brand, Rhone, which is exclusively available to watch on AOL at the top of the page.

"When I hit this new phase of my life, I was totally expecting things to slow down a little bit, just have some time to relax and reflect, but I was definitely wrong about that," Decker said of life after retirement. "We've got three young kids, and there are times when it's absolute chaos. I have no idea what's going on sometimes."

"What's even more surprising to me was that, in all this craziness, how much I love every minute of it," he went on. "I always wanted to be a dad that was really a part of my kids lives. Hands on. I dreamt of it, really dreamt of it as much as I wanted to be a football player."

Decker, who serves as a brand ambassador for Rhone, added that he believes that kids learn by observing their parents' actions, so he strives to lead by example for his three young children.

"I was never a big talker on the field or in the huddle. I really believe that leading by example is the way," he explained. "It's your actions that really show what kind of man you really are what's in your heart or what you desire. I've made the same commitment to my kids to show, not tell. Let them see first hand that the harder you work, the more you put into life, the most you will get out of it."

In honor of Father's Day, Eric Decker picked out his favorite Rhone products below: