'Summer House' star Lindsay Hubbard breaks down season 3's biggest storylines ahead of finale (Exclusive)

Original cast member Lindsay Hubbard agrees -- the third season of Bravo's "Summer House" has been the best yet.

With in-house hookups, explosive fights, multiple rounds of cheating rumors and a lot of drinking and laughing in between, this year's reshuffled cast delivered the best the series has to offer.

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Ahead of Monday night's season 3 finale of "Summer House," Lindsay sat down exclusively with AOL's Gibson Johns to break down this year's biggest storylines, including bringing up more rumors that Kyle Cooke cheated on his girlfriend, Amanda Batula, getting over her ex-boyfriend, Everett, with the irresistible Peyman (and her reaction to his secret dating history with former "Real Housewives" star Carole Radziwill), the house's inability to figure out Jordan Verroi and her blossoming friendships with Carl Radke and Hannah Berner.

Check out our full conversation with "Summer House" star Lindsay Hubbard below, and tune into the season finale on Bravo on Monday, June 3, at 10 p.m. EST.

This is the third season for you on "Summer House" -- you're an OG! -- and I've seen a lot of people saying that this has been the best season so far. Do you agree with that statement?

I do agree with that statement! We’re learning about each other, we have knew people in the house and we’re developing those friendships. There’s organic drama that’s happening between the veterans and the new people and you see how each individual personality can shine through and you see if it works or doesn’t work. Ultimately, we all had such a good, fun summer together and it could’ve gone a totally different direction. I’m so glad that we ended up becoming so close.

What made the group work well with the three new additions, Hannah, Paige and Jordan?

We meshed really well together. Hannah, for instance, is super funny and very go with the flow and she can fit into almost any group of people. The same with Jordan. He’s an interesting case, because we still don’t know who this guy is, but it’s almost like every weekend it’s a different puzzle you have to figure out -- and we never really figured it out. [Laughs] And Paige is sassy, and she gave Carl a run for his money this summer. It just really worked. I was nervous going in because of that.

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It was a big reset! It could’ve gone a completely different way. For you, it’s been a lot of navigating away from going back to your ex-boyfriend, Everett, and finding someone else to get serious with. What did you learn about yourself in terms of establishing that new direction for yourself?

Everett, man. Here’s the deal: It’s pretty normal for somebody, when you breakup and you have this relationship and you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life together, you’re so in love and you’re blinded by love the you kind of keep going back to that because you forget the bad things and only remember the good things. It took a while, as you see, for me to fully move on from him, and it wasn’t until I met Peyman, who was the first person who really captured my attention in such a different way. He wasn’t the normal frat boy or some bro-y dude hitting on me and wanting to bang. It was a guy who was very direct and knew what he wanted and I was intrigued by that, because that’s how I operate, as well. For a guy to be that way with me, I was like, “Okay!” He’s European and he has this swag and beautiful piercing green eye and the accent and the whole thing was so different that I was highly attracted to that. Although it didn’t really work out with Peyman, the universe put him in front of me to finally get me over Everett.

Did you see on Twitter that viewers uncovered that he had gone on a date with Carole Radziwill on “The Real Housewives of New York” season 5?

I did! I found out about it over the summer. Every girl does this -- I’m not going to deny it here -- I was like, “Let me see who this guy is.” I went on one date with him, then he went to Europe, then he came back before my second date with him, which you guys saw, and I started Googling him because he was so mysterious. I saw pictures of him and Sonja [Morgan, from "Real Housewives of New York"] on all of these red carpets together, so then I started Googling Peyman and Sonja and then, once I did that, I saw Peyman and Carole, and I was like “What is going on here? What are his intentions?” I was pretty sure he was into it, but I wanted to be sure, so I called him: “Anything you want to tell me, Peyman?” And he was like, “I didn’t think about it, and it was so long ago -- it was like six years ago -- and it was such a past life for me that I didn’t really think it mattered!” I was like, “I don’t know, filming is such a different experience that you might want to share with somebody and I’m a little freaked out.” He goes, “Honestly, Lindsay, if you think I’m doing this for me, you’re wrong. I like you and I want to get to know you and this has nothing to do with me!” He was saying all the right things.

Another role that we’ve seen you play this season is filling this semi-supportive role for Kyle and Carl during their various girl problems. Was being their ear and giving them advice a new thing for you?

It was new for Carl and I. First of all, the three of us have been through a lot together since season 1, and there’s a bond that ties you to together when that happens, and there are also been individual ups and downs with the three of us. With Carl, for instance, I wasn’t able to get super close with him in seasons past because I was on the Lauren [Wirkus] side of it, so I was at an arms length. With Carl, it definitely was a new role that I played with him as far as giving him the girl advice and being the ear and he did that for me, too, by the way. It was really nice and our friendship really developed. With Kyle, we’ve always, each summer -- whether you saw it or not -- had these drunken conversations and we’ve always sort of gone to each other when we’re on good terms. It was interesting because, with both of them, it was me being like their sister.

A brother-sister dynamic really has emerged with you guys.

Carl and I have a really fun playfulness, and a lot of viewers keep saying, “I want you guys to get together! I wish you guys would date! You’re meant to be!” I love Carl as a friend, and that’s where it starts and ends. I’m not really attracted to him in a boyfriend sense, but I really appreciate the friendship that we have. We talk almost every day now. He comes over on Monday nights to watch the show!

Going off of that, your biggest moment with Kyle this season happened when you brought up the second round of cheating rumors going around about him. Your intentions were good, but do you think that strengthened your friendship? You were so honest.

It was a very, very tough position on all sides. What is the perfect way to handle this? There is no good way. What I knew is that Kyle needed the opportunity to hear it from me and he could do what he felt was right with the information. Fortunately and unfortunately, we have a very large group of friends in New York and once a rumor like that starts going around, it’s very easy to get back to our entire group. Before Amanda found out about another rumor in an upsetting way, I wanted to give Kyle the opportunity. I don’t know if that made our friendship stronger or not. It’s tough and he appreciated it -- so did Amanda -- but it’s a sucky situation and it's a lose-lose for everyone. I thought I did the right thing.

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And whether it ended up being true could still be up in the air, I think. Did you ever circle back with who you heard the rumor from after it was addressed between Kyle and Amanda?

There’s no real point, right? If you’re asking me if I think it’s true, then, yeah, I do. I know the source, and it’s not a gossiping situation. This happened with me, by the way! When I was dating Everett, I’m filming and there were rumors about him making out with some girl. It would always come back to me, and I would call him and be like, “You’re making a fool of me.” That was my biggest thing with Kyle, like, “Don’t put yourself in these situations to make a fool of your girlfriend, because that’s not cool.” If a guy is out there making a fool of me, you better believe it’s not going to work out. I mean, look at Peyman. Didn’t work out!

Switching gears, it’s been fun watching you and Hannah this season. We had her in for an interview earlier this season, and she explained that you’re both Leos with strong personalities who make their opinions known, so you're naturally going to butt heads a bit. What do you make of the evolution of that friendship and your slight tiff over comments that you made about her?

Hannah is so non-confrontational and, for me, I’m very vocal and direct about how I feel. I was so shocked when she was hurt by my comments. For me, my intentions were so pure: I was simply like, “You look so beautiful!” And she took that the wrong way, and it sucked. It also kind of hurt. I was like, “What? I was calling you pretty and said that I liked your outfit…” I think what she learned about my personality is that confrontation doesn’t always have to be scary, and its actually very helpful. There's positive confrontation out there, and I think that’s something that she learned, which brought us closer together. I love Hannah, we have a great time and she makes me laugh. She is also very honest and you always know where you stand with her, which I like.

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So as far as that situation, you think she just misunderstood what you were saying?

Yeah, and I also think that she didn’t realize that I’m an extreme tomboy at heart. When I told her I was in ROTC she was like, “What?” I grew up playing soccer, softball. My dad was a baseball coach and I was in the outfield catching all the fly balls for my brother’s baseball team. I grew up with a brother, and once she found that out she was like, “Okay.”

Hannah also got more confrontational as the season progressed, which culminated with her confronting Jordan. He’s been sort of the enigma of the season, and nobody is really sure how to figure him out. What has your personal journey with Jordan been like?

I really enjoy Jordan one-on-one. He’s genuine, nice, friendly, witty. But, in group settings, it’s almost like he tries to show off or overcompensate for something and it’s just a different person. He’s still an enigma to me, but I enjoy hanging out with him. I just wish he would be himself. It’s okay to yourself, you’re not perfect and not always a southern gentleman. He needs to realize that. It also seems like he’s scared of something, but I just can’t figure out what he’s scared of

One of the biggest criticisms of "Summer House" that I've noticed is that you guys should grow out of the partying on the weekends, but part of me thinks it's people not wrapping their minds around the New York City lifestyle in the summer. Have you noticed?

People don’t realize that New York is a totally different animal. When you work so hard and are hustling so much just to survive in this city, you want to be able to reward yourself. We all have dating issues, so we are all these perpetual older single people and that’s how it goes in New York. I do understand when people in the Midwest or southern states are used to a certain type of lifestyle where you get married and have kids at a younger age, but the northern New York City lifestyle is staying single for longer, having fun while you can and then, when you’re ready, jumping into that next chapter of your life. I don’t think that’s necessarily the wrong way to do things. It’s honestly probably better for divorce rates to wait and figure yourself out. For me and Carl, and actually Kyle, it’s taken us a lot longer to figure ourselves out than maybe some other people elsewhere.

That being said, you do have a boyfriend now. You seem so happy together!

He’s the best. He’s so, so sweet. Amazing guy. Hopefully it works out, but you never know. It’s not easy to date somebody that’s on reality TV, but he loves it -- Carl’s one of his favorite people and Hannah is obsessed with him. He gets along with everyone, so hopefully he sticks.

Does it make you happy to see Kyle and Amanda really work through when they went through and then come out on the other side of it? As a friend to both of them, how does it feel to see them take this next step with Kyle getting ready to propose on the show?

I was so happy. I know as a viewer you may feel like you have a bit of whiplash like TTom Schwartz did, but knowing both of them and personally watching Amanda work so hard to get Kyle to the point where he could actually commit, I was just happy for her to get to that place with Kyle, and I was happy for Kyle to get to that place, too. Most relationships wouldn’t survive the things that they went through, so it’s really nice to see how happy and healthy they are now in taking this leap. Kyle is truly ready and committed. It took a lot of effort.

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If a next season were to happen, would you make any changes? What would you hope a next season would bring?

We don’t know if that’s going to happen -- I hope it does! -- but I would love to be back at the house with everyone, even Jordan. Everyone. I think we had a really, really good dynamic this summer. We’ll find out soon, hopefully!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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