12 celebrity books that are buzzing in 2019

Every so often, we can expect some of our favorite celebrities to open up and drop bombshell books. 

From Martha Stewart to Oprah, our Amazon cart is quickly filling up thanks to all of these new epic reads. Plus, the cast of Netflix' "Queer Eye" are all set to debut their books at any moment.

In Olivia Newton-John's new tell-all, "Don't Stop Believin'," the "Greece" actress revealed her on-going battle with breast cancer, her famous love affairs and her tragic loss from several miscarriages. 

Howard Stern announced the May release of his book "Howard Stern Comes Again," which instantly shot to number one on Amazon's 100 Best-Seller list on pre-order.

Whether you are looking for a new read to keep you busy on your commute or want to add some new literature to your bedside, shop these brand-new entertainment books below!

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