Royal pilot who flew Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth found dead alongside wife in suspected murder-suicide: report Editors

A pilot who had flown both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana was found dead in Berkshire, England, this week in a suspected murder-suicide.

The Daily Mail reports that Tony Meadows, 84, and wife Paula, 83, were found dead in their home of 35 years in the village of Bucklebury, less than three miles from the home of Kate Middleton's parents. The couple had been married for over 60 years and Paula had long suffered from a worsening form of dementia.

Authorities say they aren't looking at any outside suspects at this time.

Tony was part of the flight crew for the first-ever British Airways Concorde flight from London to New York back in 1977, and he flew the Queen on the plane two years later in 1979. He was also Princess Diana's pilot, according to the outlet.

Sources close to the couple said that Tony, who was "fit as a flea," had been very "devoted" to his wife as she struggled with dementia. Tony and Paula shared three children who are said to be "devastated" by their parents' shocking deaths.

"They can't understand it. They haven't been able to get their minds around it really. Paula has dementia so she hadn't been very well for quite a while," a source who had spoken with them told the Daily Mail. "But Tony always took care of her and looked after her very well, and took her for walks. He was a very caring person, very friendly."