Fox News host Eboni Williams leaves network

Eboni Williams has parted ways with Fox News, a rep for Williams confirmed to TheWrap on Monday.

“Eboni made a decision to leave Fox News at the end of 2018. She’s excited to be pursuing new opportunities,” Williams’ rep said. Williams spent four years at the channel and was known as a co-host on “The Specialists,” which ran from May-September 2017 on Fox News.

Williams offered a glimpse about her time at Fox in an interview with HerAgenda on Monday.

“When I left Fox, I had no job. That’s the cost of disruption, and I’m fine with that,” Williams said. “I would rather take the financial consequences and get what God has for me because I know that I can’t get what God has for me if I’m holding onto things he’s trying to free me from.”

“It was…challenging. But I knew that, and I didn’t go there to be comfortable. Let me be clear, I did not walk into Fox News to be comfortable. I walked in there to disrupt,” she continued, adding that she began to eventually feel “very lonely and isolated” at the network.

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Eboni Williams on Instagram
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Eboni Williams on Instagram
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After spending a year at CBS, Williams joined Fox News in 2015. In May 2017, she was tapped to co-host “The Specialists” alongside Kat Timpf and Eric Bolling. The show was canceled in September after Bolling left the network over an internal sexual misconduct scandal.

While Timpf became a recurring guest on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and other Fox News programs, Williams gradually faded from the airwaves in the months before her departure.

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed that the network and Williams amicably parted ways.

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