Drake tips two female McDonald's employees $10,000 each

At a time in the world where it seems that bad news is constantly overshadowing the good, it can take just one kind story to lift us up! Case in point: Drake's overly generous gesture to two McDonald's employees.

The 35-time Grammy nominee walked into a local McDonalds where he handed two female employees a stack of $10,000 each. Not much is known about who the women were or the reason for his gesture, but the 32-year-old rapper no doubt, made these ladies' day. 

This isn't the first time the Toronto-born rapper has handed out stacks of cash. In his "God's Plan" music video, Drake walked into a crowded supermarket in a low-class neighborhood with a megaphone and says "Anything you guys want in the store is free -- whatever you guys want!" The considerate move brought the happy customers to tears. Throughout the entire video, the rapper can be seen spending time with fans and handing out cash and scholarship checks to families in need.

Check out the inspiring video below.

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