How Zac Efron gets his famous six pack

Zac Efron's washboard body is no secret.

The "Baywatch" actor, known for his epic six-pack, doesn't shy away when it comes to showing off his toned body. From rock climbing to swimming and general snaps at the gym, Efron frequently details his athletic endeavors on Instagram.

"My day isn't complete until I sweat it out. The gym is a place where I can truly push myself, but I'm also 100% safe and comfortable. Make your workout the most challenging part of your day," the actor stated on Amazon's website.

Amazon and Zac Efron teamed up to curate a list of Efron's must-have fitness essentials include apparel, supplements, equipment and gear. Ranging from resistance bands to medicine balls and dumbbells, you can find anything you need to get an easy workout in weather you're on-the-go or at home.

Zac Effron's favorite fitness items from Amazon
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