The most outrageous Golden Globes looks of all time

The most outrageous Golden Globes looks of all time

For some celebrities, the Golden Globes is one event they'd rather forget.

The annual awards show has produced some of the most iconic red carpet looks in Hollywood history (like Jennifer Aniston's Valentino number in 2010) -- but there have been some ensembles that completely missed the mark.

For example, we didn't know what Whoopi Goldberg was thinking in 1986 when she showed up in a Big Bird-inspired outfit. You definitely couldn't miss her in the sea of black gowns.

And then you have Julia Roberts in 1990 who looked like she stole her horrendous suit straight out of her father's closet.

But we gotta hand it to Courtney Love. It seems as if she were attacked by a pack of lions before arriving at the Globes in 2000.

And there's more where that came from. We have to warn you -- the looks in the slideshow above are absolute train wrecks.

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