'Greedy, narcissistic & repulsive': Kris Jenner slammed for $15,000 'Rich as F**k' Christmas present

Kris Jenner is receiving mass criticism for her ‘Rich as F**k’ Christmas present. (Photo: Instagram)
Kris Jenner is receiving mass criticism for her ‘Rich as F**k’ Christmas present. (Photo: Instagram)

The Kardashian-Jenner family celebrated another over-the-top Christmas this year, starting with a snowy California night at the Kardashian-West residence on Monday evening. But, it was a gift that matriarch Kris Jenner received on Tuesday that stirred up mixed reactions, including those that called the 63-year-old “greedy, narcissistic & repulsive.”

In a photo posted to Khloé Kardashian‘s Instagram story, the mother of six is seen holding up a statement-making gift — a Goyard trunk reading “Rich as F***k,” which is reportedly worth $15,000.

“That’s my mom,” Khloé wrote beneath the photo. As soon as the picture was picked up by the internet, it incited people to call the display of wealth “gross.”

‘Greedy, narcissistic & repulsive’: Kris Jenner slammed for $15,000 ‘Rich as F**k’ Christmas present

“There’s something gross with Kris Jenner and her “rich as f***” Christmas present. What is this place?” @Clarelanusse tweeted.

Some defended Jenner from the critics, including Piers Morgan, telling him to get a sense of humor.

“I personally think this is hilarious and shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously,” @youknowwhat6503 tweeted. “She is rich as f*** and it wasn’t handed to her. She works hard just like u do. Jealousy isn’t attractive on u at all.”

One person even decided to be the voice of reason amongst those arguing over the gift to say that all who live a privileged life lose sight of their entitlement at one point or another.

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