Maren Morris shares details on 'elevated' second album: 'There's a little bit of everything' (Exclusive)

Maren Morris is giving us a sense of what we can expect from her upcoming sophomore album.

The country star released her major label debut, "Hero," back in 2016, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the Grammy-winning singer's follow-up record ever since. Of course, it's not as if Morris hasn't released any music since her debut: In 2017, she rereleased the album with several bonus tracks, and she teamed up with Zedd and Grey on dance track "The Middle," which was one of the biggest hits of the year.

Still, the anticipation for her second album is palpable, and during a recent chat with AOL, Morris shared some insight into what her second album will sound like -- and, no, as much as she has appreciated the incredible success of "The Middle," it won't be full of EDM tracks.

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"I had had most of my album already done and written before I signed on for ‘The Middle,’ but I definitely think that even with my first album there were different genres and influences happening," Morris said. "I would say that even more so on this second record."

"There’s no EDM on there," she added with a laugh. "But there’s a little bit of everything for everyone on this record. I'm proud of it."

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And, for all intents and purposes, the record will feature the same Maren Morris sound that fans initially fell in love with, but she says she's taking that sound to new heights this time around.

"It’s a longer record. There were only 10 or 11 songs on my first record, so it was just cool to really tell a story from beginning to end with this. It’s more grown up, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I always kind of put in my humor into some of these songs," she explained. "It’s not too far of a different sound from the first one, but I would say it’s a more elevated version of what I released a few years ago."

The "My Church" hitmaker also gets some help from some of her famous friends and family on the album. Though she's keeping the album's "two features" a secret for now ("I'm excited to reveal [them] eventually"), she did reveal to AOL that her husband, Ryan Hurd, co-wrote two of the tracks.

"There are more love songs, because I’ve gotten married recently," she gushed. "And my husband co-wrote two of the songs that are on the album with me."

Before the world hears any of her new material, Morris will cap off the biggest year of her career with a bucket list moment, performing at the Allstate Fan Fest, which will be broadcast live as part of ABC's "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2019" on December 31.

"I didn’t want to pass it up, because it’s just such a fun thing to be part of and it’s going to be our last show of a really huge year," she told us. "I feel like this is the way to do it up right."

Morris, who will perform "The Middle" on the New Year's Eve special, said that the song's success has "definitely sunk in," recalling that the moment its impact hit her was when she was on tour in South America with Niall Horan earlier this year.

"When I was in South America -- we had never toured there -- by the time we would play ‘The Middle.’ it was just mayhem," she laughed. "Every single fan in the crowd sang it back so loud and that’s when it sunk in. It was like, 'Wow, this song is everywhere,' and that’s the first time that’s happened for a song I’ve been a part of."

Something tells us it won't be the last.