Julie Bowen calls Sarah Hyland a 'little tough cookie' amid health struggles (Exclusive)

Julie Bowen has so much love for her Modern Family co-stars.

ET caught up with the actress at the Feeding America event in Los Angeles over the weekend, where she marveled over Sarah Hyland, who has been very vocal about her ongoing health struggles.

"She's a little rock star," Bowen said of Hyland, who has endometriosis and recently received a second kidney transplant. "What her body has gone through... if you've ever met her, I mean. Im not big, and she next to me is a little slip of a thing. I don't even know how many surgeries she has been though. And she's a tough little cookie."

"I know she's a survivor and she's a lovely person as well," Bowen continued. "I'm very proud of her. I'm proud of all my real and fake children. I really am. They've all turned out really well."

Modern Family fans were shocked last month when they learned in the midseason finale that Hyland's character, Haley, is pregnant with her boyfriend, Dylan's, baby. The actress took to Instagram at the time to show off her fake baby bump:

"It's appropriate," Bowen said of the shocker. "We watched these kids grow up. It's kind of, at the end of the pilot, it was Elton John, 'The Circle of Life.' Granted, with a very funny twist. That is [what we're doing]. We're doing the circle of life. Babies making babies. We just keep going!"