Macaulay Culkin reimagines ‘Home Alone’ with the help of Google Assistant (Video)

Who needs booby-trapped doors and paint cans on strings when you have the Google Assistant? In a look at what a “Home Alone” remake might resemble in 2018, Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as Kevin McAllister from the 1990 holiday classic for this Google Assistant ad.

Now that he’s a resourceful adult but still with the house to himself, Culkin’s Kevin is utilizing Google Assistant to do everything, from telling him what’s on his calendar, to ordering aftershave, to responding to the pizza delivery guy at the front door, and finally turning on the lights and fireplace to scare off an invading Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

“Hey Google, begin Operation Kevin,” Culkin said in the commercial. Maybe for the sequel, he could get Google to book him tickets to New York City and set a reminder for his parents.

“Have you ever wondered what Kevin McAllister is like as an adult? Me neither, but just in case you’re curious, you should watch this,” Culkin wrote on his Twitter account.

Culkin previously reprised the role of Kevin McAllister for a far less wholesome prediction of what his character would be going through as a grown-up, assuming that he’s now a little traumatized by the whole ordeal.

And don’t ask him to make the “Home Alone” face or ask him to respond to any conspiracy theories either.

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