'Queer Eye' star accuses TSA of racial profiling


The fashion expert on the new reboot of "Queer Eye" is accusing TSA of profiling him. Tan France recently posted on Twitter his frustrations after having "been put through extra security checks 3 times this week."

In the same post, France said he was informed by a TSA agent that his name is on a list, which lead him to believe he was being racially profiled.

France, who is of Pakistani descent, later added, “I’m brown but that does NOT mean I’m a damn security risk!!!”

He went into detail about the situation on his Instagram in a series of videos on his stories saying the incident left him "fuming."

Going on to say he usually pre-checks when going through security, which usually takes around 15 minutes, but because he was told by an agent he was on a TSA list -- described by France as a "list of concern" -- the security check lasted over two hours.

“They take you out of line and then they search you and they give you pat down, which is humiliating," he said.

France said it took TSA a good 45 minutes to go through his luggage and, once he was allowed to go to his gate, there were still complications getting on the plane because gate agents were confused by “unrecognizable” stamps TSA placed on his boarding pass.

TSA responded to France’s tweet apologizing about the incident: “We're sorry to hear this.”

TSA issued a statement to The Hill saying "regardless of race, gender, or religion," all passengers are screened at airport checkpoints.

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