Jim Carrey takes a spot-on shot at Trump with his latest artwork

Jim Carrey put a contemporary spin on the domino theory on Thursday, taking another shot at Presidential Donald Trump with his latest political cartoon.

Actor/artist Carrey also seemed to wedge in a nod to singer Van Morrison with his latest work, which reflects on the legal issues of those around Trump and the possible effect they might have on the chief executive.

Carrey’s latest work, unveiled on his Twitter account, depicts a row of dominoes, with a tile bearing Trump’s image at the forefront.

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Behind that tile is one bearing the likeness of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, tumbling perilously (for Trump, anyway) forward.

Carrey’s latest work came shortly after Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison.

Cohen’s sentencing followed his August guilty plea regarding two campaign-finance violations, in connection with hush payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Carrey captioned the image, “Oh oh, Domino!” — a prominent lyric in Morrison’s 1970 chestnut “Domino.”

The “Kidding” star’s latest piece also depicted a third tile in the background, which appeared to bear the image of a blonde woman brandishing a hand gesture similar to one often referred to as “The Shocker.”

The identity of the third person was a source of debate in the comments section for Carrey’s tweet.

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“Whos [sic] the one in the back?” asked one commenter.

“Is it Stormy? @StormyDaniels,” another wondered.

“Or kelly anne, hmmmm #realquestions,” another comment posited, a seeming reference to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Take a look at Carrey’s latest work below, and feel free to share your theories regarding the mystery blonde in the comments section.

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