Piers Morgan begs President Trump to hire him as Chief Of Staff: 'I'm perfectly qualified!'

Piers Morgan has a...some might say...a controversial relationship with the United States.

He was a star on "Celebrity Apprentice," winning the competition in 2008. Then he moved to CNN, where he hosted "Piers Morgan Live" for 3 years and really made a name for himself when it came to his advocacy for gun control.

"The argument I keep hearing is that if everybody else was armed, it wouldn’t happen," he once said. "It’s a load of total hogwash."

Now, he’s aiming for what many call the second most powerful job in the country: the President’s Chief of Staff.

His wrote an article in the DailyMail titled, “You’ve hired me before, Mr. President, so hire me again. I’m the one person whose reputation can’t be tarnished by becoming your Chief of Staff and I’m perfectly qualified for the job!”

"But the key thing is to have someone at your side that understands you, has known you a long time, likes you and commands your respect," he went on to say.

"When you made me your first 'Celebrity Apprentice' a decade ago, you told me in the live NBC finale: ‘Piers, you’re a vicious guy. I’ve seen it. You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re probably brilliant, I’m not sure. You’re certainly not diplomatic. But you did an amazing job and you beat the hell out of everybody -- you’re my Celebrity Apprentice,'" he wrote. "Let’s be honest, what more could you possibly want from your Chief of Staff? You could have been talking about yourself!"

This all comes as the drama surrounding Trump’s Chief of Staff decision continues to unfold after it was announced that John Kelly was leaving at the end of the year.

VP Mike Pence’s Chief Nick Ayers was reportedly offered the job but turned it down to join a pro-Trump PAC.

Trump, for his part, denied that he’s having trouble finding a new Chief, tweeting, “Fake News has it purposely wrong. Many, over ten, are vying for and wanting the White House Chief of Staff position.”