Mike Love says rumors of Beach Boys feuds stemmed from drug use: 'It was based on lifestyle choices'


After years of tension, there's no longer bad blood between at least two members of The Beach Boys.

Mike Love told Yahoo Entertainment that while many Beach Boys fans have chosen "Team Mike" or "Team Brian," he and Brian Wilson "are on Team Each Other."

As proof, he cited the band's August 2018 appearance at a SiriusXM Town Hall, the Beach Boys' first reunion since 2012: "At the end of that, I sat next to Brian, and I said, 'I love you, Brian.' And he said, 'I love you too, Mike,'" Love recalled.

Both men released memoirs in 2016; in Love's, "Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy," he wrote of his cousin, "For those who believe Brian walks on water, I will always be the Antichrist." But Love now shrugs off that sentiment.

"It was very sweet. We both go back to childhood," he said of their August conversation, later adding that he would "love nothing more than to get together with Brian and do some music."

Pressed on what fueled the decades of drama, Love attributed it to band members' respective drug habits.

"I think there was a 'them and us' kind of thing that arose through drugs," he said. "I didn't get into all the heavy drugs. Some others did. So there was a division and it was based on lifestyle choices."

Love also dismissed claims that he was unhappy with the band's album "Pet Sounds," saying, "That is garbage. I don't know where that came from, honestly ... I worked very hard on that album with everybody else. Sorry to disappoint."

Love's other cousins -- Wilson's late brothers, Carl and Dennis -- were also tightly weaved into the family's messy history. (Among other scandals, a 36-year-old Dennis got Love's 17-year-old daughter pregnant and then married her.)

Wilson released his memoir, "I Am Brian Wilson," one month after Love released his.

Watch Yahoo Entertainment's interview with Love in the video above.