Joe Jonas reveals what Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra call themselves: 'They've gotten really close' (Exclusive)


Joe and Nick Jonas have "what [all] brothers want": Their significant others are friends!

On the heels of Nick's wedding to Priyanka Chopra, Joe opened up to AOL's Gibson Johns at the kickoff for JCPenney's Giving Spree about the relationship between Priyanka and his fiancée, Sophie Turner.

"They’ve gotten really close, and it’s really cool to see their friendship grow," he told us. "They were friends before we even met. Sophie shot ‘X-Men’ on the same lot that [Priyanka] shot ‘Quantico’ for a while, so they would spend a lot of time together, which made it even more special once Nick and Pri obviously got together. It’s cool."

The two actresses get along so well, even, that they've given themselves a nickname since they began dating the famous brothers.

"They’re calling themselves the 'J-Sisters,'" Joe revealed. "They have this camaraderie now that they feel is not only friendship, but it’s family. That’s what every brothers want. You want to have that relationship where everyone looks out for one another."

Just before the event at the JCPenney in New York City, Joe had taken a 15-hour flight direct from India, during which he slept for "13 to 14 hours."

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"As you can imagine, I needed it after this week," he laughed. "[The wedding] felt like we were at summer camp. It was all of our closest friends -- including all of the ones we grew up with and toured with, friends of friends, family we haven’t seen -- and we’re all in this beautiful country together. To all of us, it was just like we were on a vacation. There wasn’t much sleep, as you could imagine. You could blame jet lag, but we’re just partying every night and celebrating their love, and it was just so fun to see these people again. It [was] just a 24-hour party -- with a nap!"

Nick and Priyanka's wedding represented one of the extremely rare moments that the entire Jonas family was able to get everyone together: Nick, Joe, Kevin, Frankie, their parents and more. It's that quality time that the DNCE frontman looks forward to most about the holidays, too.

"Quality time is what makes us the happiest," he said. "If we can get everybody in a room together, which isn’t easy for us because we’re always traveling, it’s gonna be cool. This year we’re doing it all together."

And as their family expands even more, the musician admitted that he's going to have to continue to change how he approaches the holiday season.

"I’m a little selfish where I’m like, ‘Well, I have to have Christmas with my family,'" Joe laughed. "It’s kind of like, pick and choose holidays and figure it out. Like, for us, I always do Friendsgiving rather than Thanksgiving with the family, only because it’s too crazy to see everyone at that time of year. As my family grows and grows, it just gets a little more complicated, but the exciting part for me is that everyone wants to spend it together still."

But before he gets to spend Christmas with the ones he loves, though, Joe made sure that he took the time to give back to those who aren't as fortunate as he is. The "Cake By The Ocean" hitmaker helped to kick off JCPenney's largest-ever national Giving Spree, which will surprise 25 kids in every continental US state and Puerto Rico with $100 gift cards to shop for presents at the chain.

"This is why I came back," Joe said. "I was going to stay a few more days, but I came back [from India] early for this amazing event. It's such a cool thing to be part of. You don't realize the impact until you see these kids' faces light up."

"What’s even more rewarding is that they want to spend it on other people," he added. "I always found that you assume young kids want to buy toys for themselves, but they’re like, ‘I want to buy something for my mom or my sister or older brother.’ That was really cool and encouraging."

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