Dancing With the Stars: Juniors finale recap: Which kid won the Mirrorball?

Christmas came a little early to the Dancing With the Stars: Juniors ballroom on Sunday night, and one duo walked away with the best gift of all: the Mirrorball trophy. (Sorry, my bad — the Mirror Star trophy. Bobby Bones has custody of the Mirrorball proper for the foreseeable future.)

After 10 weeks of truly impressive competition, four finalists — Mackenzie Ziegler, Ariana Greenblatt, Miles Brown and Sky Brown — took the stage for two last performances on Sunday, after learning in last week’s semifinals that no one would be sent home and they would all get a chance to compete in the finale. (I defy you to find a purer moment of joy on television this year than the moment these four exuberant kids found out there would be no pre-finale elimination. Sky Brown immediately burst into tears, which meant I also immediately burst into tears.)

On Sunday’s broadcast, each remaining duo reprised a routine from earlier in the season, this time with the addition of their pro mentors, as well as a holiday-themed freestyle performance. Here’s how the scores shook out:

* Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen — Cha-Cha: 28/30; Freestyle: 30/30

* Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine — Jazz: 30/30; Freestyle: 28/30

* Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold — Salsa: 28/30; Freestyle: 30/30

* Sky Brown and JT Church — Salsa: 30/30; Freestyle: 30/30

And then, after more ecstatic group hugs and heartwarming video montages than I could count, Dancing With the Stars brought its first-ever Juniors edition to a close. The Season 1 winners are… Sky and JT!