Sorry, Kathy Griffin! Anderson Cooper re-teams with Andy Cohen for CNN’s ‘New Year’s Eve Live’

CNN has unveiled its plans for New Year’s Eve, and for a second year in a row, they do not include Kathy Griffin.

Instead, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will co-host “New Year’s Eve Live” again. Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon will help the fellas out from the central time zone.

“Getting to ring in the New Year with Andy is a total joy and I can’t wait for the big night!” Cooper said in a Tuesday media release.

“Who would’ve thought 25 years of friendship would lead to an almost-tradition of co-hosting New Year’s Eve on CNN!?” added Cohen, “I’m so excited to spend New Year’s with my friend again and promise not to complain about the bitter cold!”

This is the 11th year for CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. Cooper used to co-host it with Kathy Griffin — that is, until last May, when she held up a (facsimile) decapitated Donald Trump head in a photoshoot and lost the gig. Griffin eventually apologized for the mask stunt, but then later retracted that public mea culpa.

CNN did not respond to TheWrap’s inquiry as to whether or not Griffin was asked to participate this time around. It seems unlikely though as the comedian has said that she and Cooper ended their personal friendship after the newsman didn’t come to her defense following the fallout from the photoshoot.