Katy Perry outbids fan at One Love Malibu charity auction, wins date with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry, one of the biggest acts at Sunday’s all-star One Love Malibu benefit concert — held at the King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, Calif., to raise money for those affected by last month’s devastating Woolsey Fire — was determined to go above and beyond for this worthy cause. So during the live Christie’s auction of a motorcycle ride with “the man I’m dating that I love and respect” and the “Malibu OG” — aka her on/off boyfriend, Orlando Bloom — Perry hopped onstage to egg on prospective bidders, even throwing in a free lunch. “I’ll probably book it,” she quipped.

“You’re holding him in a way that I am not excited about! You’re holding his pecs and his six-pack — and it’s so glorious!” Perry exclaimed in a dramatic, mock-jealous tone, describing the excursion up for bidding. “You get to hold on to Orlando for about 45 minutes. … And then, you get to stare into his brown eyes!”

One Love Malibu event co-organizer Linda Perry and performer Katy Perry onstage at the King Gillette Ranch. (Photo: Lyndsey Parker)
One Love Malibu event co-organizer Linda Perry and performer Katy Perry onstage at the King Gillette Ranch. (Photo: Lyndsey Parker)

Eventually a fan named Laura placed a bid for $20,000, to which Perry shouted, “Yay! I don’t know who you are, but stan for my man!” But just a moment later, Perry said, “Laura, I’m sorry — I’m buying it for $50,000.” As Perry wordlessly exited the stage, the auctioneer declared, “Sold — to the lady in the red leather skirt!” And the emcee marveled, “That was a boss move.”

Perry had an altruistic motive: Earlier in the day, before she performed a short set of three of her most inspirational songs (“Roar,” “By the Grace of God” and “Firework”), she said, “I’m really here because of this guy,” pointing to her keyboardist, Ty Bailie. “This guy is my friend, and we’ve been on tour for the past couple of years, and he lost his house in the fires. But he’s got the greatest attitude and perspective in life and he’s the coolest guy, and I’m really just here for him — and for everyone else that has been affected by this horribleness. But, we have an opportunity to grow together now. I love you so much.”

Other highlights of the star-studded afternoon included Natasha Bedingfield’s fiery cover of the Prince power ballad “Purple Rain”; Robin Thicke (who, along with Katy Perry, was the first to sign on for the event) grooving on Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” and Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”; Alanis Morissette reuniting with her “You Oughta Know” drummer, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters (and changing the line in “Ironic” to “It’s meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful … husband”); Brandi Carlile, described by event organizer Linda Perry as her “good luck charm,” evoking the holiday spirit with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River”; and Gwen Stefani recruiting the Strokes’ Nick Valensi to play guitar on No Doubt’s “Underneath It All” and “Don’t Speak.”

Among the other performers and presenters were Joe Walsh, Rick Springfield, Macy Gray, Best Coast, Rita Ora, Rita Wilson, Dorothy, Pete Molinari, Angel Haze, Demi Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Nikki Reed, and Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, and Ben Kenney of Incubus.

Proceeds from One Love Malibu (which was organized in four days by Linda Perry and Kerry Brown’s artist empowerment company, We Are Hear, with everyone volunteering their talent and time) will go to the Malibu Foundation, a nonprofit created to support the community’s effort to rebuild in areas of Southern California affected by the Woolsey Fire. According to We Are Hear’s press release, the funds raised will go to those most in need: the uninsured, people living paycheck-to-paycheck, and animal refuge and care. Further donations can be made here.

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