Chrissy Teigen reveals son Miles needs a helmet for his 'misshapen head'

Cuter than ever! Chrissy Teigenrevealed her 6-month-old son, Miles, whom she shares with husband John Legend, was fitted for a helmet on Monday, December 3.

“baby miles getting fitted for a little helmet today for his adorable slightly misshapen head,” Teigen, 33, tweeted on Monday. “so if you see pictures, don’t feel bad for him because he’s just fixing his flat and honestly he’s probably gonna be even cuter with it somehow.”

The model then joked, “I have been told it’s too late for my head.”

According to, helmet therapy, also known as cranial orthosis, helps correct the shape of a baby’s skull. The helmet, which directs growth from the flat spot of their head, must be worn when the skull is actively growing. While the length of time the child must wear the helmet varies, doctors typically ask for parents to keep the helmet on their children for 23 hours each day, per the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

Teigen and Legend are also parents of 2-year-old daughter Luna. After the cookbook author shared adorable photos of baby Miles in his helmet on Monday evening, Teigen’s followers started replying to her with their own pictures of their kids wearing helmets.

“Is this the official babies with helmets thread?” one fan tweeted at Teigen, who then replied, “I HOPE SO it is so great!!!”

After another user complimented Teigen on starting a “great thread,” the Lip Sync Battle hosted added: “it is SO cute. you guys are very sweet.”