Miley Cyrus' 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' music video: All the Easter eggs & imagery you missed

Miley Cyrus' return to music is here!

The 26-year-old former Disney star is featured on Mark Ronson's new track, "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," which dropped on Thursday. While the song -- co-written by Cyrus and Ronson -- may be a shout-out to her godmother as it gives off major Dolly Parton vibes, the music video is seemingly all about Cyrus. Nods to her controversial past are hidden in Easter eggs throughout the video's three minutes and 59 seconds.

From wrecking balls to stripper poles to Cyrus' Tennesse roots, here's all the imagery you may have missed in "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart."

"Wrecking Ball"


A figure of the singer on her iconic wrecking ball hangs from her rearview mirror. She also busts through a wall like a wrecking ball later in the video.



A photo of Cyrus from the Mike WiLL Made-It video is taped to the inside of the helicopter.

Her Tennessee Roots


The video was shot in Ukraine, but Cyrus made sure to bring a piece of home with her in the form of a Tennessee license plate.

2009 Teen Choice Awards Controversy


Who can forget the scandal that erupted after Cyrus seemingly danced around a stripper pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards? Not the singer herself, who drove through a strip club in "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart."

Kids and Guns


The singer narrowly avoids a bullet from a group of kids at a shooting range in the video. This one we're going to chalk up to Cyrus' support for March for Our Lives and advocacy for gun control following recent school shootings.

"We Can't Stop".... and Looters?


Cyrus seems to be pulling double duty with this one, showcasing looters (is this a reference to the looting after fires destroyed Malibu?) fighting over giant stuffed animals, like the ones that were seen in her "We Can't Stop" video.

Taking a Knee


She appeared to throw her support behind Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who have protested by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

"BB Talk"


Towards the end of the video, Cyrus drives through a room with two women in a hot tub, surrounded by rubber duckies -- which were prominently featured in her "BB Talk" music video.

Crucifixion of Jesus


The video concludes with the singer propped up on display, symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus.

Watch the full video below.

Cyrus teased "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" earlier this week, with a source telling ET that the singer was "excited" to share the track with fans.

“Miley’s new sound is something a little more organic. She loved the pop, but she went for a more mature sound and sophistication in her new music," the source said. "Miley has always been great at reinventing herself. She feels at the top of her game.”


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