Cher says Sonny Bono didn't find her 'attractive' when they first met

Cher is opening up about her past relationship with the late Sonny Bono.

In a new SiriusXM hour-long special titled The Cher Show: Making the Musical, the singer says it wasn't exactly love at first sight between her and Bono.

Cher reveals that when she first met her late ex-husband at a party, he was actually interested in one of her friends. "I was with my girlfriend, who was really beautiful," Cher recalls. "He liked her, so he didn't really say anything to me. He was like, 'Oh yeah, kid.'"

Towards the end of the night, Cher and Bono ended up dancing, but only because "neither one of our partners danced," she says.

"He was fun," Cher gushes. "And then the next day he moved in next door to our apartment."

Cher continues on, revealing that when she got sick and didn't have enough money for rent, her roommates kicked her out. Her solution? To contact Bono, who agreed to let her stay with him!

"I just went up and said, 'Hi, listen, I'm going to have to move out of my apartment 'cause I'm sick and I don't have any money and I don't want to go home and I just want to get out and do things and I don't know what I'm going to do but I have no place to live and blah blah blah,'" Cher remembers. "And he said [to me], 'Can you cook and clean?'"

"He said, 'OK, I have twin beds. You can stay in my house. I don't find you particularly attractive,'" adds Cher, who admits she lied about being able to cook. "And I said, 'OK.' And I didn't cook, but he did."

Throughout the new docu-series, Cher also goes into plenty of detail about her Broadway bio-musical, The Cher Show, which is currently now in previews before its opening night on Dec. 3 at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City.