Meghan Markle cooks Thanksgiving meal at community kitchen with Grenfell Tower survivors

Meghan Markle brought the American spirit of Thanksgiving to survivors of last year’s deadly Grenfell Tower apartment fire at a London community kitchen.

The mom-to-be looked right at home as she mixed veggies with her hands inside the Hubb Community Kitchen Wednesday.

She wore a red dress and overcoat from Club Monaco, and greeted her hosts with big hugs, which is a departure from traditional royal protocol.

Her recent breaks in royal protocol are featured in the upcoming ABC News special "The Real Princess Diaries."

“There’s something in the American character, which is very different from the British, much more open and affectionate in the way that they deal with the public,” ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts told Inside Edition.

Roberts said that in the special you can see how the late Princess Diana influenced her son, and Meghan's husband, Prince Harry.

“If you remember, she was so hands on with her children. She hugged them in ways that the royal family never did. Well, you see Meghan and Harry in the crowds, hugging, shaking hands, just embracing the world and bringing a modern touch to the royal family,” she said.

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That affection extends to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's relationship.

Now royal watchers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal baby due in the spring.

“Here you have this child that has ancestors that are British royalty and African-American slaves. How powerful,” Roberts said.

The duchess will spend the American holiday in the United Kingdom for the first time as a royal.

“This is a woman who loves to cook. She and Harry talked about roasting a chicken when they first were together. She went to go visit her mom last year for Thanksgiving when she was newly engaged. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a turkey being fired up in that royal oven over this weekend, I would imagine," Roberts said.

"She likes to adhere to tradition."


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