Jessie James Decker just had a puke-filled flight with her kids


There’s nothing like traveling with kids! Chaos erupted shortly after Jessie James Decker boarded a Southwest flight with her children Vivianne, 4, Eric Jr. and 7-month-old Forrest on Wednesday, November 21.

“First we kept getting in trouble from the flight attendant for how many kids we could have in the rows and we truly were confused and kept doing musical chairs and I don’t think we ever got it right,” Decker, 30, wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday. To make matters worse, Eric Jr., a.k.a. “Bubby,” threw up all over himself!

“Forrest was the squirmiest wormy because he wants to be cool like his big brother and sister and refused to sit still,” the country singer revealed. Decker noted that her family was not popular with other passengers.

“Pacis dropping, bottles rolling under seats and people rollin eyes, but hey we made it!” the Kittenish clothing designer wrote. While many parents would be in tears, Decker managed to laugh it off.

“All n all wouldn’t change a thing,” she explained. “Love these babies! Let the Thanksgiving week of gratefulness begin.”

Last month, Jessie opened up to Us Weekly about life at home with her husband, Eric Decker, and their little ones. “Having three toddlers running around is just so much fun,” the Eric & Jessie alum told Us. She also gushed about her rock solid marriage to the retired pro football player. “We just love to lay there and look at each other, and just think about the first time we met seven years ago,” she said. “We just feel so fortunate.”

The former reality star and Eric, 31, tied the knot in 2013.