Jessica Alba shares story behind family holiday card: See her family of 5!


Happy holidays from Jessica Alba and her family!

Alba unveiled her family's 2018 holiday card, which she made with Shutterfly, on Tuesday, which is the family's first as a family of five after welcoming son, Hayes, back in January. The adorable photo shows Alba, husband, Cash Warren, and their kids -- daughters Honor, 10, and Haven, 7, and son, Hayes, 10 months -- posing in matching pajamas and Santa hats.

Credit: Shutterfly

The matching PJs were all Alba's idea, she told AOL during a recent phone interview, and they stem from a long-running family tradition that she's had since she was a kid.

"I grew up with my mom wanting us to [wear] Christmas pajamas, and they were really silly, but that's just kind of how my mom liked to do Christmas morning, with all of us wearing matching [pajamas], so we’ve done that for forever," she explained. "When Cash joined our Christmas festivities, he of course had to join in on the fun. He was a little horrified!"

In fact, when Alba married Warren back in 2008, it was a true melding of family traditions, which has allowed them to create unique holiday memories for their own children for the past decade.

"His family tradition is to have kind of a nice, sit-down soul food dinner, and we did not do that growing up," Alba said with a laugh. "It was styrofoam plates, plastic forks, food thrown together from the can and "find a place on a carpet while the game is on." But, his family does not play when it comes to food. So, we sort of combined our families’ traditions!"

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"We’ve done up to 80 people for a sit-down dinner at our home, we host it," she went on. "It’s like a wedding, with rented tables and chairs and the whole shebang. My dad always dresses up as Santa, and we do gift exchange with just the kids and a white elephant ornament game and then we also sing carols. We took a bit of what we did as a family and combined it with what Cash did."

They're traditions that her daughters have loved to partake in, and that Alba knows her son, Hayes, will particularly appreciate as he gets older.

"He’s so sweet. I did a Facebook Live with him and a little friend, and we had fake presents and he went crazy with the presents," she said. "He was so into it. It’s like, 'Oh my god, you’re going to love Christmas morning.' He’ll love it so much, because he just loves ripping things apart."

As for the photo shoot for Hayes' first family holiday card, Alba didn't mince words when we asked how the sitting went with a 10-month old.

"It all revolves around him being happy and smiling, which involves everyone trying to make him happy. And then, of course, the one where he is really happy, Honor or Haven are looking up or down and not paying attention," she laughed. "We got it, but it took quite a few tries."

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