Mariah Carey calls meeting Colin Kaepernick 'an honor,' sparking argument among fans

Pop diva Mariah Carey’s support of Colin Kaepernick is music to the ears of some fans.

Over the weekend, the songstress posed for a photo with the former NFL player who famously began taking a knee during the national anthem before games to protest racial injustice. It was “such an honor to meet @kaepernick7 today!” Carey declared on Instagram.

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Such an honor to meet @kaepernick7 today!

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Nov 16, 2018 at 12:10pm PST

In response, there were some compliments, referring to Carey and Kaepernick as “legends” or royalty. One comment read, “Beautiful pair right there!!! Great minds attract GREAT minds. And if people don’t like it….question them, not yourself.”

But a lot of what went on in the comments were debates about whether encountering Kaepernick should be considered “an honor.” Fans also referenced Carey’s own background, as the daughter of a father who’s part African-American and part Venezuelan, and a mother who’s Irish, in a defense of their idol.

“This woman is black and has black children who could easily (GOD Forbid) get caught in a situation that Kap is protesting against! … I’m buying 3 of her albums today!”

“Why is it when minorities and women talk about prejudice it’s a problem and unpatriotic? Shut up and fade away.”

“Loving the picture girl, and the sad MAGA here are a bonus.”

“Oh racists gonna racist.”

“Never was a Fan… but I am now!!!”

“All you so called fans who unfollowed her or are ‘disappointed’ because of this pic need to cut it out!!”

“Did yall forget Mariah is African American too. Y’all see her fair skin and forgot that part. Yessssssss Mariah!!!”

“I see you do care about people that are less fortunate than you. You have integrity and courage.”

Carey is enjoying a good run, having released her 15th studio album Nov. 16 and announced a world tour that kicks off in February. Surprisingly, her soundtrack for the widely panned 2001 cult classic Glitter has snagged the top spot on the charts 17 years after its disastrous release.

No debate there.

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