John Krasinski zings Hugh Jackman for getting cozy with Emily Blunt

This could be the start of a wonderful feudship.

John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds just roasted Hugh Jackman for getting too cozy with Krasinki’s wife, “Mary Poppins Returns” star Emily Blunt.

After Jackman tweeted his appreciation for Blunt at Variety’s “Actors on Actors” event Saturday, Krasinki fired back with some grade-A mock anger ― and a threat.

Then Reynolds, a regular foe of Jackman’s on the faux rivalry circuit, chimed in as well, turning this affair into a sassy threesome.

Reynolds and Jackman are old rivals in the faux feud game (and are also fodder for Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively), and it’s great to now have the known prankster Krasinski involved, too.

Getting tangled up with Reynolds and Jackman is not the platform for a quiet place, as evidenced by this recent exchange between the two.

See John Krasinski and Emily Blunt together: