Insider claims Chris Pratt is gaining weight because girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger 'couldn't care less'


What's life without takeout and champagne?

As he transitioned from TV to major movie star, Chris Pratt famously slimmed down and got jacked -- but according to a new report, the actor's new relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger is taking a toll on his strict health routine.

"She loves a guy with meat on the bones, and her favorite thing to do is cook for him," an insider told Radar. "They’ll enjoy breakfast in bed most days and often spend an entire weekend in bed munching takeout and drinking champagne."

The source also pinned blame on Pratt's ex-wife Anna Faris -- "He loves how non-judgmental and cool Katherine is about it all, which is virtually the opposite compared to the pressure he'd get from Anna" -- but that claim contradicts what Pratt and Faris both said during their marriage.

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In 2016, Stephen Colbert asked Pratt on "The Late Show" if he ever missed his chubbier physique.

"Yes. Yeah, I do," Pratt said. "My wife does too. She likes to cook, and I don't get to eat as much of her cooking as I used to."

He also suggested that his heftier frame would return someday, saying, "He's not gone forever. He's just on vacation for a couple years, but he's coming back."

Prior to their relationship ending, Faris also said she liked how Pratt looked before his dramatic transformation (as well as after).

Pratt's work schedule may also be a contributing factor, since he's not currently filming: "Chris is giving himself a break body-wise right now, but eventually he’ll get back in the gym and tone it all up."

Pratt and Faris called it quits in August 2017. He began dating Schwarzenegger in summer 2018.