‘Notorious RBG’ author Irin Carmon hired by CNN as contributor

Irin Carmon has become CNN’s newest contributor. Carmon a leading writer on gender and legal issues is most famous for co-authoring the book “Notorious RBG” — an homage to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The news was not formally announced by the network, but was revealed in CNN anchor Brian Stelter’s Tuesday evening newsletter.

“Officially CNN’s newest contributor,” Stelter called her, pointing to a Tuesday morning appearance by Carmon on “New Day” where also referred to her as “contributor.”

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Carmon herself confirmed the news and tweeted out her thanks to Stelter shortly after TheWrap contacted CNN to request a statement.

“Thanks for the shoutout, @brianstelter,” she said. “Thrilled to officially be a @cnn contributor.”

The hire is significant, particularly as the network has faced criticism over their lack of female on-air talent in the past.

Carmon and her book “Notorious RBG” have helped turn the 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice into a minor celebrity among millennials. Many today view her as a liberal bulwark on the court to stand against Trump and the increasingly rightward turn of the judiciary.

Despite having a regular workout routine which includes a grueling slate of planking and pushups, Ginsberg has faced health issues for years. She survived colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer a decade later. In 2014 she received a coronary stent.

Last week, a fall in her office resulted in three broken ribs, and panic among liberals. After a night in the hospital, Ginsberg was released and is back at work.

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