Bette Midler under fire for Melania Trump tweet: 'YOU ARE OUT OF LINE!'


Bette Midler is feeling the heat.

The famed performer hurled yet another insult at First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter this week, and people are calling her out for being unnecessarily cruel to the former model.

"The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. #FLOTITS," Midler tweeted, along with an incredibly revealing modeling photo of Trump. In the skin-baring snap, the future first lady is wearing a see-through one-piece look with silver bikini bottoms and tasseled mirrors dangling off of her.

People were quick to call her own in response to the tweet

"WOW, YOU ARE OUT OF LINE THERE!" one person wrote. "Don’t preach about respect and honor all women if you going to disrespect our FLOTUS not FLOTITS, get yourself educated! (I know it’s on purpose, but that’s just show how low is your IQ...SHAME ON YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR PARTY!!!)"

"How disrespectful to the #FLOTUS SHAME on you," another person responded. "Regular normal working Americans are very pleased with our President we have more jobs now, less taxes to pay & the economy is booming."

Though Midler got a lot of flack for calling out the First Lady, some of her followers supported her quip and lauded her for speaking out.

"Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I loved your tweet here," one follower tweeted. "It shows just how disgusting that family is, and she tries to take part of a role she's not qualified for; first ladies should have dignity. Melania obviously doesn't!"

"You're getting a lot of flack for this tweet from fans. Not from this fan," another person reacted. "I thought it was hysterical. Melania offers nothing for young women to inspire them."

Midler has yet to respond to the uproar.