Jennifer Aniston is a southern pageant queen in Netflix’s ‘Dumplin’ trailer (video)

Jennifer Aniston is getting on her high heels, hair spray and best dress in her new film, paired with Danielle Macdonald, the breakout star of the Sundance darling “Patti Cake$,” in a new Netflix original movie, “Dumplin.'”

Netflix dropped the first look at the comedy/musical trailer on Wednesday. In the film, Aniston plays a former Southern beauty queen in Texas whose plus-size daughter (Macdonald) decides to compete in a pageant judged by her as an act of protest.

“I’m not the Joan of Arc of fat girls,” Macdonald’s character Willowdean says after she motivates some her fellow plus-size companions to sign up for the pageant.

“Dumplin'” is directed by Anne Fletcher (“Hot Pursuit”) and written by Kristin Hahn, who is also an executive producer of Aniston’s upcoming morning news comedy for Apple. “Dumplin'” is based on a novel by Julie Murphy, and the film also features new music from Dolly Parton.

“Dumplin’,” which is Aniston’s nickname for her daughter, co-stars Odeya Rush (“Lady Bird”) and Harold Perrineau as a drag queen who motivates Dumplin’ with some inspiring words of wisdom from Dolly Parton.

“Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose,” Perrineau’s character says in the trailer.

Netflix will release “Dumplin'” for streaming on Dec. 7. Watch the first trailer for the film above.