Nicki Minaj made 2 hilariously NSFW shoutouts during the People's Choice Awards

During the People's Choice Awards on Sunday night, Nicki Minaj took home the award for Female Artist of 2018. And she certainly made the most of her time with the mic.If you have something important you want to get off your chest, there are few better places to do it than during an awards acceptance speech. You have the attention of millions, after all.

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First, she made the following dedication:

It seemed to go down well with the Kardashian in question, too.

Minaj's most memorable lines came when she brought her speech to a close, though.

"Shoutout to Donnatella Versace for custom-making this outfit for me," says Minaj in the clip above. "And shoutout to Michael B. Jordan, because he's gonna be taking it off for me tonight."

Well, wow.

Fallon's facial expression pretty much says it all.

No response on Twitter from Jordan yet, but to be fair he's probably been rendered temporarily speechless...