Neil Young loses home in Woolsey Fire, blasts climate change ‘denier’ Trump


Music icon Neil Young lost his home in the Woolsey fire Sunday and came down hard on President Trump for denying the devastating effects of climate change.

“California is vulnerable-not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think,” Young posted on his website. “As a matter of fact this is not a forest fire that rages on as I write this. We are vulnerable because of Climate Change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.”

Young goes on to call Trump a “Denier,” saying he hopes the new Congress can bring a day of reckoning to “this unfit leader” that doesn’t understand the seriousness of climate change.

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“California is a paradise for us all. A gift,” Young wrote, adding that we’re defenseless against “Mother Nature’s wrath.”
“Fire fighters have never seen anything like this in their lives,” Young wrote. “I have heard that said countless times in the past two days, and I have lost my home before to a California fire, now another.

“Imagine a leader who defies science, saying these solutions shouldn’t be part of his decision-making on our behalf,” he continued. “Imagine a leader who cares more for his own, convenient opinion then he does for the people he leaves. Imagine an unfit leader. Now imagine a fit one.”

The Malibu homes of director Scott Derrickson and Robin Thicke were also destroyed in the blaze.

The 83,275-acre fire near the border of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, which has destroyed 177 structures and prompted the evacuation of 265,000 residents. According to officials, the fires were only 10 percent contained as of Sunday night.

Read Young’s entire post below.

Neil Young Fire
Neil Young Fire

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