Gerard Butler shares chilling photo of his home the California wildfires devastated and urges people to donate to support the firefighters

  • Actor Gerard Butler shared an image of his Malibu home on social media, which the Woolsey Fire in California has destroyed.

  • The photo shows Butler in front of his home, which is completely burned down.

  • He also thanked the LA Fire Department and urged people to donate to help firefighters.

Three dangerous fires are burning across the state of California, destroying thousands of homes and lives.

Actor Gerard Butler, one of the many celebrities who had to evacuate, shared a photo of his home, which was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire in southern California that started on Thursday. His Malibu home was destroyed.

"Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California," Butler said.

On Sunday, Butler shared a tweet about the devastation along with a chilling photo of what used to be his home:

He thanked the Los Angeles Fire Department and urged people to donate to support the "brave men and women" fighting the fires.

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Butler also uploaded videos on his Instagram story that showed his former house burned down to the metal framing.

"Welcome to my home in Malibu," he said, as smoke poured out of piles of rubble that used to be his home. "Wow."

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