Sarah Hyland spoils another big ‘Modern Family’ plot twist for fans with social-media reveal (Photo)

SPOILER ALERT:Stop reading this now if you haven’t yet seen Wednesday’s episode of “Modern Family.” We mean it — if you continue reading and haven’t seen this week’s episode, turn back now. You have been warned.

Maybe Sarah Hyland should stop spoiling her fans so much.

“Modern Family” star Hyland hit up Instagram on Thursday — the day after it was revealed that her character on the ABC sitcom, Haley Dunphy, is pregnant — to share a behind-the-scenes look at the new development.

Unfortunately, Hyland’s message was too much, too soon for a number of fans who had not yet seen the episode.

“Well I guess the cat’s outta the bag!!!” Hyland wrote, in accompaniment of a photo of herself sporting a prosthetic baby bump. “Or more like the bump’s outta the shirt!….. that was a horrible joke. I apologize.”

Unfortunately, it seems that another apology might be in order — to the fans for whom the cat, and the bump, were not yet out of the bag.

“Dang, wish I hadn’t seen this! Haven’t watched last night’s episode yet,” lamented one fan in the comments section.

“Honestly about to unfollow you and modern family’s account ONLY because the spoilers are OUT of control,” read another complaint.

“Thanks for spoilinb [sic],” another voice in the chorus of disappointment rang out.

“What is with all these spoilers though,” read another complaint, which was punctuated with a crying-face emoji.

“well f— all of us europeans. 9th season hasn’t even arrived yet,” a salty reaction from across the ocean read. “urgh never have i hated living outside the us so much than when it comes to tv .shows.”

“Can you post a SPOILER ALERT next time?” another commenter pleaded.

It’s a familiar situation for Hyland. Late last month [WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT], the actress paid tribute to castmate Shelley Long, the day after Long’s DeDe Pritchett character was killed off.

“We’ll always love you grandma,” Hyland wrote. “So blessed to have worked with such an iconic woman like Shelley Long.”

The comment section made it clear that, for a number of fans, Hyland had committed an act of premature appreciation.

“Rrrrrrh @sarahhyland in french [sic] we dont know, we can’t watching [sic] at the same time. You spoil me ! This is not cool!!!” a particularly disappointed response read.

“You should’ve waited a few more days omfg spoiler alert,” another fan advised.

“What. The. F—. Why would you post this today!?! I’ve been dodging any conversation all day so i could watch and find out for myself,” read another response. “No point of watching now.”