Thousand Oaks shooting: Tamera Mowry searches for information on missing niece, 18, via Twitter

Thousand Oaks shooting: Tamera Mowry searches for information on missing niece, 18, via Twitter

Among those desperate for information after the shooting at Wednesday night Borderline Bar and Grill is actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, whose niece remains unaccounted for as of Thursday morning.

The actress, who currently co-hosts "The Real," responded Thursday to a tweet from a college student whose roommate was at the bar when shots rang out. The roommate is Alaina Housley, an 18-year-old freshman at Pepperdine University.

"My suitemate is still missing, she is wearing denim shorts, a blue flannel and sneakers, pls let me know if you know anything," the young woman tweeted.

Mowry-Housley replied, and after identifying herself as Alaina's aunt, asked a series of questions, including, "Was she one of the girls who fled the scene?" and "Do you know what hospitals she could be at?"

Mowry-Housley continued to correspond with the roommate before providing an update to concerned fans just before 9 AM PST: "We haven’t found her yet. It’s been 7 hrs since the shooting."

Mowry-Housley wed her husband, Adam Housley, in 2011. He is a former national correspondent for Fox News.

"My gut is saying she’s inside the bar, dead," Housley told reporters Thursday. "I'm hoping I'm wrong."

Family members tracked the Alaina's Apple Watch and iPhone location, both of which showed her location as on the bar's dance floor.

In March 2017, Mowry-Housley gushed about Alaina on Instagram alongside a photo of the then-high school student.

"My niece Alaina Housley. I can't believe I met her when she was five. She now is a junior in high school doing a photo shoot with a 70's theme," Mowry-Housley wrote. "Kill it beauty. Good luck in all your future endeavors."

The attack was the most deadly mass shooting in the U.S. since February 14, 2018, when 17 students and teachers were shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.