Michael Moore: Dems' only chance to win in 2020 to to run ‘beloved American’ like Michelle Obama

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore thinks Democrats will lose the 2020 presidential election if traditional candidates represent the party on the ticket.

The liberal film director doesn’t believe that politicians have a shot at defeating President Trump in the next presidential race. Moore dismissed early favorite candidates, California Senator Kamala Harris and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker as being a real threat to topple Trump.

Moore expressed his strategy for Democratic success on MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe:"

“We cannot run a politician against Trump. We will lose," he said. "We have to run a beloved American. It’s gotta be like a Michelle Obama or it’s gotta be a Sully Sullenberger.”

He went on to ask why Democrats aren’t thinking along the lines, saying they will lose in 2020 if they don’t.

Moore correctly predicted Trump’s victory in 2016 and has since made a documentary focusing on his presidency called “Fahrenheit 11/9."