‘Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons really shows his stripes in ‘I voted’ selfie (Photo)

Gotta give Jim Parsons credit; the man knows how to dress for Election Day.

“Big Bang Theory” star Parsons showed his patriotic colors — and his eagerness to do his civic duty — on Tuesday, adding his voice to the chorus of celebrities who declared themselves voters for the midterm elections.

In an Instagram post-Tuesday, Parsons showed off his “I Voted” sticker — which was affixed to a red, white and blue-striped shirt that was perfect for the occasion.

Parsons captioned the photo, simply, “us” in an initial comment on the pic. “Us” could refer to we, the people. Or perhaps the actor’s caps-lock key was malfunctioning, and he intended to write “US,” as in United States. Either way, well done, Mr. Parsons.

Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the hit CBS sitcom, had more to say on the topic of voting on Monday, sharing a photo of himself holding up a sample ballot.

“I’m SURE you haven’t already heard this but…. WE HAVE AN ELECTION TOMORROW!!! (at least those of us in the USA do) and if you’re over the age of 18 you can VOTE! and you SHOULD!” Parsons wrote.

The actor added, “you’ll feel really great about it, I swear! (and remember: “not voting” is still ‘voting’ – you’re just essentially doubling the impact of the vote of someone who disagrees with you!) VOTE! ????????.”

See Parsons make a patriotic statement as well as a fashion statement below.

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