Melissa Gorga on new 'RHONJ' cast members: They're 'not scared to bring it'


Melissa Gorga agrees with Andy Cohen: The upcoming ninth season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is the "best season" yet.

The longtime cast member recently visited BUILD Series, where she opened up to AOL's Gibson Johns about the new season and said that a large part of why it's going to deliver on the drama is because of the two new additions to the cast. Replacing Siggy Flicker, who will no longer be a Housewife, are Jackie Goldenschneider and Jennifer Aydin. Gorga called the reshuffling the "best casting we've ever done."

"'Jersey' is absolutely the hardest show to cast. It really is. We’re family, and it’s hard to bring new people in with us," Gorga explained. "These two could not be more opposites, which I love. I love that they’re complete opposites. I have to say this is the best casting we’ve ever done. They fit in perfectly. They bring two different worlds and two different opinions [to the show]. It’s not easy to cast 'Jersey,' but we’re done. This is it."

"We were able to bring in two new people that mixed with us, and we’ve always had a problem with that," she added. "This time, I think that we got it right, and we are truly a good group of girls who are not scared to bring it."

Goldenschneider, who appeared at BUILD alongside Gorga and fellow cast member Margaret Josephs, agreed with her co-stars assessment of the new group.

"We definitely brought different things to the table, and we each fit in really well where we fit in," she said. "I found really genuine friendships with some of the women -- especially the ones sitting next to me -- and I think Jennifer found that with the other women."

The trailer for season 9 teases a divide down the middle -- Gorga, Josephs and Goldenscheider on one side and Teresa Giudice, Dolores Catania and Aydin on the other. Josephs confirmed that she's especially close with Gorga and Goldenscheider, but said that Catania was more of a neutral presence this year.

"Obviously, the three of us are very close, and I think we have similar views on life. It’s not that we’re all not close, but different times throughout the season there are different fights," she explained. "Everybody has differences of opinion, and we’re all super opinionated. I don’t think anybody’s afraid to voice it. None of us have really battled with each other. Dolores has been pretty neutral, and I think Dolores has been the voice of reason this season a lot."

That being said, there's another so-called X-factor who tends to always throw things for a bit of a loop when she gets involved, and that's Danielle Staub. The divisive former Housewife, who is back on the show now as a "friend" of the cast, will continue to ruffle feathers this year, making for more unexpected moments.

"She still comes in and causes drama constantly," Gorga said of Staub. "You’re going to see her engagement party and her bachelorette party and her wedding and, you know, whenever Danielle walks in the room, you know the drama is coming."

"Danielle is a statement in general," Josephs echoed. "Last year we were besties, and this year you see some stuff going on with us, for sure."

Season 9 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" premieres on Wednesday, November 8, at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo