Los Angelenos lie through their teeth about having already voted in the midterm elections (video)

Just what politics needs: more liars. On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel exposed a bunch of Los Angelenos for being full of it about having already voted in the midterm elections. They were all one week too early to try and pass off that load of BS on Hollywood Boulevard.

In the latest “Jimmy Kimmel Live” installment of “Lie Witness News,” the ABC late-night show’s woman-on-the-street caught a bunch of fools saying they just returned from the polls. So don’t start making excuses like they may have mailed in their ballots.

Sounds like some of the not-real polling places were busier than others, which makes sense considering they were all made up. At least one of them had chocolate chip cookies, which were described as being “chewy.”

One dude even got to vote for the Supreme Court, which sounds like a pretty high honor for a run-of-the-mill American. A young woman got to vote for L.A. Unified School District student body president, which perhaps isn’t quite as impressive.

She voted for Aiden, not Kayla. Aiden probably promised cooler vending machines.

Others dug themselves in way further by getting answering questions about vague and not-real propositions. Not wise — you know, like still falling for this regular stunt on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Watch the video above — and please (actually) vote today.