How Demi Lovato's friend Henry Levy is helping her stay sober (exclusive)

Demi Lovato is staying on the path to sobriety, and she's getting some support and help from her new guy friend.

The "Sober" songstress was recently photographed spending time with clothing designer Henry Levy, and a source tells ET that he's the "perfect" person to help Lovato, who was hospitalized after an apparent overdose three months ago.

"Henry and Demi met a few years ago in rehab," the source says. "They hit it off immediately and became fast friends. Henry takes his sober life very seriously and, when Demi sadly relapsed, they lost touch for some time."

Levy, who is the designer of the couture fashion line Enfants Riches Déprimé -- French for "Depressed Rich Kids" -- has been very open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

In a 2016 interview with Complex, Levy said he first entered treatment for substance abuse when he was 15, and has struggled with relapsing several times in his life, but is committed to living a healthier life.

"Henry is exactly the friend Demi needs right now. He is a perfect sober friend for her," the source says. "Her friends feel he is a positive influence on her."

In an effort to stay on the path of sobriety, Lovato and Levy have been spending time together, but staying mostly close to home and out of the spotlight.

"Henry and Demi have been hanging at Demi's home watching movies," the source adds. "This is such a key time in Demi's sober process and just staying away from the party scene truly helps."

As we previously reported, Lovato intends to stay in treatment through the rest of 2018.

For the latest on Lovato's treatment and recovery, watch the video below.