Health crisis! Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine suffers another stroke, sources claim


Katherine Jackson has suffered another debilitating stroke, has confirmed exclusively with multiple sources.

This is her second major health setback since April, when the Jackson family matriarch suffered a previous stroke, Radar first reported.

Now, her famous family is preparing for the worst.

“Katherine had another stroke several weeks ago,” said a source. “Everyone is just bracing for her passing at this point.”

According to another source, the most recent stroke landed her in a Los Angeles-area hospital for about a week toward the end of the summer. Shortly after she returned home to recuperate, she had to see her doctors again.

“She’s not in good condition and is still struggling to speak. She has said she’s ready to be in heaven with her son,” added another source, referring to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

Sadly, Katherine’s husband Joe died from an aggressive form of cancer in June of this year.

As Radar has reported, Jackson family members have grown increasingly concerned about the 88-year-old’s health since Joe’s death.

And it turns out, their worst fears are coming true.

“Her health has rapidly declined since Joe’s death,” said a source. “She’s been in such pain, both internal and external. Katherine seems to have given up on even trying in the past month, and it makes her family very sad to see her like this. She was always such a strong, strong woman.”