Best celebrity Thanksgiving moments: All the different ways stars spend Thanksgiving Day


There's no "right" way to spend Thanksgiving.

For some, the last Thursday of November is a family affair, while others spend the day with friends or pets -- or just in blissful isolation.

That's true for everyone, including celebrities, all of whom have their own unique Thanksgiving Day memories.

Some memories are more bittersweet, like in the video Ariana Grande posted last year. The short black-and-white clip is a goofy video of then-beau Mac Miller attempting to crawl through a window. Given that Miller unexpectedly passed away in September, the video is now a moving reminder of why it's so important to give thanks for the moments we share each year together.

In past years, Beyonce's glammed up head-to-toe for her family feast, while Ellen DeGeneres has opted to stay in sweats and cuddle up to her dogs.

The holidays are also prime time for romance: There's nothing quite like cozying up over a meal, like Zoe Saldana and her man did last year.

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