Ariana Grande did not like Pete Davidson’s marriage joke at all


Pete Davidson made a mock wedding proposal to singer Maggie Rogers in the latest “Saturday Night Live” promo, and ex-fiancee Ariana Grande did not seem happy about it.

The promo released on Thursday features Davidson and Rogers, who is this week’s musical guest, as well as actor Jonah Hill, who will be hosting.

“Hey Maggie, I’m Pete,” Davison said in the clip. “You wanna get married?”

“No,” Smith replied, shaking her head.

“0-for-three,” Davidson said to the camera.

The joke, of course, was about Davidson’s brief relationship with Grande. The two began dating in May, got engaged in June and called it off earlier this month.

Shortly after the clip was released, Grande fired off a series of tweets, including this one:

While she didn’t mention Davidson by name, it seemed pretty clear she was responding to the promo, especially given that she also “liked” this tweet:

The singer also retweeted this:

Grande eventually tweeted “k that’s the last time we do that,” then deleted the messages without elaborating.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.