Jon Stewart speaks out on 'salesman' President Trump

Jon Stewart has spoken out about Donald Trump -- again.

In an interview with CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour, Stewart called President Trump "a salesman who doesn’t realize he’s being recorded."

Stewart was the host of "The Daily Show" in 2015 when Trump announced his candidacy, and at the time called it a “gift from heaven” because of all the jokes that would come from it.

Now, he’s changed his tune quite a bit. When asked by CNN if he should’ve taken Trump more seriously, he said “yeah, now.”

Trump has become a frequent target of late-night talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel.

As for Stewart, he thought that Trump disqualified himself with his first speech.

"I’m watching the midterms, man, you would think our country is 'Mad Max Thunderdome,'" he said. "This guy is like 'They’re coming from Guatemala. They’re coming from Mexico. There’s a liberal mob that’s coming. Muslims.' And you would think everybody in the country’s just like 'to the bunker!'"